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5 Bible Activity Books for Kids

Does your little mountain mover like activity books? If so this post is for you! There are many in our resource library, but here is a closer look at five that we have on hand.

Please note these are not a recommendations, but affiliate links may be included. Each little mountain mover is unique, and we encourage you to research any featured items prior to purchasing.

1. One Big Story: Bible Story Coloring & Activity Book

  1. You can find this first book on Amazon. It contains over 350 activity and coloring pages spanning the entire Bible and is printed on standard coloring book paper. The illustrations are simple, but detailed and the activities also require the ability to read, making this activity book likely to be most suitable for older mountain movers (8-12 years).

2. Amazing Bible Story Mazes

  1. While available on Amazon, it appears to be out of print since the only copies offered are used. It contains mazes for about forty-four Bible stories printed on paper of a standard thickness (not your usual coloring book paper) with color illustrations. At the top of each page is a title related to the associated Bible Story, a short summary, and the corresponding scriptures to read the story. The last few pages contain the answers for each maze.

3. TDGC: My Scripture Workbook - Character

  1. This book is produced by The Daily Grace Company and is intended for elementary age mountain movers. The pages are thicker than average, measures 8” x 5”, and is printed in color. On the left side, is a character trait and accompanying Bible verse to write on the next page (right side of the book). The scripture page is framed by doodles/drawings, some of which can be colored in. The right page is a standard handwriting lined page, also in color. There are a little less than 50 scriptures for copying.

4. Fun Faith Builders: Hidden Pictures (Grades 1-3)

  1. This one is also available on Amazon and in multiple grade level options - please note the covers appear to be almost identical. The difference is in the top right corner which indicates the intended grade level (see here for PreK-K option). For the one s Each page is black in on bright white paper and contains a question about the story and a Scripture reference for little mountain movers. The answer key is also included in the back of the booklet. There are about 26 activities.

5. TMSL: Women of The Bible - An Activity Book

  1. This list wouldn't be complete without the very first activity book we published! Did you know there are over 100 women named in the Bible? And even more where their name isn’t given! Our activity booklet contains 25 individual activities designed to help you learn more about just a few of the godly women described in the Bible. Each page also includes a spot for coloring or drawing, is printed in black and white on bright white paper. The booklet is sized at 8.5 in by 11.5 in and is available in our shop and on Amazon!

Do you have a question about one of the activity books, let us know! We don't provide recommendations, but we will try our best to answer any questions you have so you can determine if a resource is a good fit for you or your little mountain mover.

Have a blessed day!

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