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INSTANT PDF DOWNLOAD! Print it off or use with a compatible app like GoodNotes to complete on a tablet.


We designed our sermon note pages to help engage little mountain movers in the worship service, but since each mover is unique we offer three note page styles and multiple themes to choose from. This is the "Seedling" style designed for the little mountain movers that are still learning to focus and how to write. Each sheet is for one service; the front page is for the worship service as a whole, while the back page encourages listening to the sermon with a fun BINGO activity. This is a pdf copy containing enough pages for 15 services. It can be uploaded and the pages filled out digitally to a supporting app like GoodNotes or can be printed.


Every mountain mover, big and little, is different and will be motivated by different things, however here are a few ideas to encourage your little mountain mover to complete their page:


After each service go over the page with your little mountain mover, talk about what they wrote (or drew).

Let them pick out a small prize after each completed page (such as, piece of candy or a sticker).

Give each section a point value, those can then be saved and redeemed for prizes - the amount and size of the prize is up to you!

Digital Sermon Notes - Purple Seedling Edition